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  • Compressor InstallationsAir Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressor Installations
  • Compressor RepairsTemperature, Pressure, Electrical, Oil and Mechanical testing
  • Compressor Spares & MaintenanceCompressor failure analysis and Reporting, Oil sampling and Analysis, Spares, etc
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In support of this mission, Paco Electrical Compressor committed to:
  • Ensuring that our clients remain our business partners in the implementation of mutually acceptable contracts. At the same time, we allow our clients to be independent so that their specific needs are met or exceeded.
  • Providing cost effective solutions.
  • Applying the quantity management guidelines per international Standards organisation (ISO 9000) and SABS.
  • Endeavour to provide sound solutions, so that the risk to our client is minimised.
  • Maintaining access to our large network of specialist strategic partners, who can be called in at short notice, thereby ensuring that our client’s needs are met and unnecessary costs to the clients avoided.
  • Providing mentorship to local SMME’s by working with them in close partnership.
  • Providing appropriate technologies that will build a sound platform to boost the economy of the region and provide opportunities for employment.

Paco Electrical Compressors management is committed to maintaining a safe and health working environment for all its employees and clients


To continuously improve our service clients to meet or exceed our client’s needs, allowing us to prosper as a business.

Guiding principles
  • Quality comes first. To achieve client satisfaction, the quality of our services must be our number one priority.
  • Clients are the focus for everything we do. Our work must be done with our clients in mind, providing better services then our competition.
  • Continuous improvement is essential to our success. We must strive for excellence in everything we do, in our products, in their value and in our human relations.
  • Employee involvement is our way of life. We are a team; we must treat each other with trust and respect.
  • Dealers and Suppliers are our partners. The company must maintain mutually beneficial relationship with dealers, supplies and other business associates.
  • Integrity is never compromised. This conduct must be pursued in manner that is socially responsible.
  • To prevent unsafe and unhealthy acts and conditions in the work place
  • To provide safety equipment and to ensure that it is always used in the correct manner;
  • To provide continuous training to all employees;
  • To fully comply together with the safety committee to ensure continuous improvement of health and safety standards