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  • Compressor RepairsTemperature, Pressure, Electrical, Oil and Mechanical testing
  • Compressor Spares & MaintenanceCompressor failure analysis and Reporting, Oil sampling and Analysis, Spares, etc
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Welcome to Paco Compressors

PACO Electrical refrigeration compressors projects have developed a large pool of skilled personnel. The pool includes full time engineers and part time engineers that can be called on short notice.

PACO Electrical refrigeration compressor repair and maintain a series of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor (ASRC) consist of several models with different power ranging from 2HP to 80HP (displacement: 7.21-205m) including types of 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder and its butt-joint models.

PACO Electrical and Compressors is established to provide South African engineering market with high-end integrated projects. Since its inception Paco Electrical Compressors has been involved in a number of projects, both as main contractor and sub-contractor for private and individuals.

Brief Background

PACO Electrical and Compressors was established to provide South African engineering market with high-end integrated projects

South Africa's Leading Black Empowerment Company dedicated to delivering multi-disciplinary services, offering our clients a total solutions package in the engineering industries.

Everyone at P.E.C:
  • Is customer focused
  • Has a passion for excellence
  • Puts safety first
  • Does work right at first
  • Always conduct them with professionalism
  • We undertake to always uphold these values in serving our client.